What to do When Someone is Cleaning Your House


Alright, this is the answer to that question; yes. When the house cleaner comes, leave your house.


Now, I just want you to think for a second, so let’s pretend you’re working in an office. And you’re going to work, and in the morning you’re sitting there, and you’re doing a whole bunch of things. You may be checking your email, or you may be doing some last-minute reports or something for your boss that you have to do.


You’re working under a deadline, and you’re worried about your mind, and you’re trying to hurry and do your things. But what if your boss came into your cabin and pulled a chair up and just sat down, just kind of watching and watching you while you were working?


Would it make you feel a little bit awkward?


I mean, you might be doing all the exact same duties you were going to do otherwise.


But just having someone sit there, watching you over your shoulder, makes you a little uncomfortable.


And it’s not that you do anything wrong, but it’s that when you’re on your own, you work better. Because you know what it takes you to do. And you know what you can do with priorities and multi-tasking.


And having someone sit down there almost makes you feel like you’re being judged.


We don’t want you to be told to leave or you’re on the way

Well, that’s the same thing as cleaning the house.


Now, I know that when maids and house cleaners come to your house, while they’re at your house, there’s a certain specific set of tasks they need to do.


And so they still feel like they’re being judged or that they have to spend a certain amount of time in a particular room, even if you’re in the other room.


Now, as a homeowner, here’s what we don’t want you to know.

As house cleaners, when we come to clean your house, we will rip your whole house apart.


We don’t want you to micromanage the process, we have to move all your things to clean under and around it.


We’re going to lift up the sofa cushions and the sofas and the easy chairs, and we’re going to vacuum down there. Yep, we’re going to lift the rugs up there. We will be vacuuming and moving underneath them. We’re going to pick stuff up and move it around. There’s a bunch of supplies in our cleaning caddy, and we’re just going to plop it in the middle of your living room floor right there.


And we don’t want to worry that you’re going to come in from outside or from the other room with something in your hands, and you’re not going to see a cleaning caddy and you’re going to trip over it.


These are the things about which we’re worried.


Do you always want to tell the family to leave and give you some room?


Have you ever tried to have dinner cooked? And you have all the stuff on the kitchen counter, and you have the cooking stuff, you have the stuff on the stove. There’s something you have in the microwave, and you’re kind of a multi-tasker doing all these things.


And then the kids are running in and out and they’re playing tag, and the dog comes in… what you really want is for everyone to just go out and give you a little room so you can do what you need to do.


And we feel the exact same way as house cleaners.


Now, one of the most interesting things about house cleaning is that I want to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible if you’re paying me and I’m on the clock.


House Cleaners need you to leave so that they can follow an effective routine.


And so, what that means is that a lot of house cleaners have a routine where they pull it all out, clean it all up, then put it all back in. And they’re working their way out of their room.


They double-check their work as they work their way out of the room and cross over things as they go.


But the maid may have to come back two or three times to get that room clean if someone is in that room.


And if people are milling around the house, whatever has been cleaned is messed up.


And so, it just makes it hard, because it’s like you’re being watched by somebody, number one, but number two, people get in the way.


People get in the way, which is why you and your family need to leave during cleanings.


And it just makes it a little bit more difficult for the job. Because her way out of the room instead of working and then doing all the floors last. This room has to be cleaned by the maid and then she has to stop and mop the floor and then go to the next room with all her stuff and do it all over again in the next room. And then the floor is cleaned and you move on to the next room.


So, instead of having a big big system where first you do all the upstairs, and second all the downstairs or whatever it is, now you go room by room. And maybe because she carries her cleaning supplies in it, she wasn’t going to fill up her mop bucket just yet.


Having people around creates odd little issues that make the tasks longer to do.


Leave the Home Security Camera and Watch Your Housekeeper


So, if leaving your maid or your house cleaner at the house to work alone is uncomfortable. Leave the house and watch them from your cell phone on the home security camera.


The cameras of the home security system are so smart now that they work with such high technology and apps that allow you to watch remotely.
Do it from afar if you’re a loomer or hoverer. And that way, it just gives your maid the freedom to do the fastest, fastest job they can do, not to waste their time, not to waste their time, not to forget anything.


Arrgh! 4 Tiny Kids to Clean Around


I remember one particular family that had four small children, and every time I was cleaning, they were all there.


And it was all right, I mean, that was their house, that they were living there. And I can’t make them, actually, or force a family to leave. But I had to clean one room and finish that room, and then leave and go to the next room, because they were there the whole time. The children would run in and out and I was moving cleaning supplies constantly so they wouldn’t get into them. And they wanted to help, and they were going to set up shop right where I worked with their toys. Then the dog would bark like crazy when I was vacuuming and the kids wanted to help vacuum.


And it took a lot more time, and it wasn’t efficient, and by the time I walked around the house, the first part of the house I had cleaned had already been messed up.


Leave Your Errands And Go Run


So, if there’s a choice, run your errands. During the time the house cleaner is coming, take your sessions.


Get away from the house. Go for some jogging. Hey, walk the dog.


Go and meet your neighbors. Going out for a social lunch with someone or something. But yeah, leaving your cleaner at home, leaving your maids to do their job.


It’s like if your house were to be painted by a painter and he was going to paint the walls, you wouldn’t be standing there and micromanaging the work he’s doing.


Just because you don’t want to get the paint on you, and you want to give them the space to do their job, you’d just get all your stuff and get up and out.

That’s the same with house cleaners.


So, I’m sorry that she made you feel awkward. It’s your house. And you’re entitled to stay there, but you choose not to. When your house cleaner is here, choose to be gone.


And you’ll find that your house cleaner provides you with a much better job. So, this is a better use of your time, and a better use of your cash.



Smart Not Hard Work



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