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Andy Linares, President/Founder, Bug Off Pest Control Center

Andy Linares, President/Founder, Bug Off Pest Management Heart

The great thing about deploying ant baits is that we’re utilizing the ant’s behavior of sharing meals with nestmates (trophallaxis) in opposition to it. All of these foragers act as tiny Trojan horses after they return to base.

The issue is that many pest administration professionals (PMPs) don’t use sufficient bait load to break down the colony(ies) rapidly. If bait placements are depleted earlier than neutralizing the colony, the colony will rebound.

By the identical token, most PMPs don’t use sufficient forms of bait formulations, actives and matrices to compensate for the ant’s dietary predilection at any given second. Selection serves as a hedge in opposition to any rejection of a selected bait.

Lastly, ants require fluids. At all times complement stable bait placements with a gentle provide of liquid baits.