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  • The Asian longhorned tick was first recognized inside america in 2017.
  • Populations unfold rapidly as a result of females can lay viable eggs with out mating.

An grownup feminine Asian longhorned tick hangs out on a blade of grass. PHOTO: CDC

City pest administration is essentially the follow of controlling launched species — and it seems one other has come to city.

There are only a few main city pests which can be native to North America. If it weren’t for all of the launched species, we might not have an business.

Now we’ve a brand new tick on the town, and this one has some nasty habits. Let’s meet Haemaphysalis longicornis, the Asian longhorn tick.

Named for a protrusion of the edges of its mouthparts, this tick originated in jap Asia. About 100 years in the past, it turned established in Australia and New Zealand. Particular person Asian longhorn ticks had been stopped at quarantine stations within the U.S., however till 2017, they’d not been recognized from contained in the U.S. That was the yr a girl from New Jersey discovered a number of hundred of them on her pet Icelandic sheep and took them to the native county well being division. As of 2020, they’ve unfold west into 14 states.


Asian longhorn ticks are small, lower than 1/eight of an inch, and differ from widespread ticks in a number of methods. Most notably, they reproduce parthenogenetically. Meaning females can lay viable eggs with out mating. One feminine can produce about 2,000 eggs, that are all females who can themselves produce about 2,000 eggs. If all of them survived, one feminine Asian longhorn tick in two generations may doubtlessly produce four million offspring.

The freshly hatched ticks, known as larvae, might be discovered ready for a bunch in teams on the ends of grass stems or different projecting vegetation, ready for a bunch. When somebody walks by, they don’t get a tick on them. They get dozens of ticks on them! However simply since you get loads of ticks on you doesn’t imply they’re Asian longhorn ticks. You’ll be able to choose up dozens of lone star ticks (Amblyomma americanum) in a short while, however you gained’t discover all of them sharing a stem.

These ticks are recognized to transmit numerous ailments, however extra analysis might be wanted to find out what we will count on right here. Illnesses apart, they are often so quite a few on livestock that they trigger demise by exsanguination, or blood loss. This has occurred right here within the U.S. already.


Sadly, the untrained eye could have a troublesome time separating them from a few of our extra widespread ticks, however there are indications it’s possible you’ll discover that may tip you off. In case you discover an animal closely infested with dozens (a whole bunch?) of small ticks, you must take specimens and have them recognized.

Without having for males, these ticks can unfold rapidly. They might doubtlessly unfold by a lot of the jap U.S. and elements of the Pacific Northwest. However as with all launched species, solely time will inform how it will end up.

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