PestVets Thanks Donors for Raising $10,000 to Support Nashville Veterans



Editor’s note: NPMA’s PestVets recently announced the group had raised $10,000 for Operation Stand Down Tennessee, which provides and connects Veterans and their families with comprehensive resources focused on transition, employment, housing, benefits, peer engagement, volunteerism and connection to the community. PestVets Council Chair Marie Horner (Arrow Exterminators) wrote the following thank you letter to donors.
Hello, as most of you know, I am the chair of NPMA’s PestVets Council.  Every year PestVets organizes a day of service during PestWorld.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, PestWorld 2020 was held virtually.  That left us with the difficult decision of doing nothing or finding another way to participate in the veteran community in Nashville, TN.  In all honesty, there was never a question, the PestVets council is made up of some of the strongest leaders I know and they along with our generous sponsor, FMC, are all dedicated to helping fellow veterans.
We did our research and discovered an organization that aligned perfectly with our mission statement.  Not only did we have an opportunity to partner with them to do a fundraiser, but we are also able to create an on-going relationship to facilitate employment opportunities between veterans and pest control companies in and around Nashville, TN.
The PestVets Fundraiser for Operation Stand Down was launched on 10/1/2020 with a goal of raising $10,000 to create “move-in” boxes for their Transitional Housing Program. A typical move in box costs around $125.00 dollars to put together and includes the essentials such as sheets, towels, cooking utensils, and small appliances that are needed.  However, each box is customized based on the individual’s needs.  Our goal of $10,000 would create 80 move-in boxes and would fill a substantial need for OSD.  We knew it was a lofty goal and decided that if we hit $5,000, we would take that as a win for everyone.
On 10/14/20 during the In the Mix reception at PestWorld we got to see (once again), the commitment of FMC to PestVets and the veteran community when Tom Wharton announced that FMC would donate the difference between what we raised and our goal.
The Fundraiser ended on 10/30/2020 and with your donation, donations from 44 other individuals, a donation from PestVets and a $1,000 donation from Terminix,  we raised $6,245.00.  FMC’s donation of $3,755.00 took us to the $10,000 finish line!!
Thank you for making a difference in the life of a veteran,
Marie A. Horner, ACE
Arrow Exterminators, Inc.