North Las Vegas top photographer services


North Las Vegas top photographer services

Photographers are crucial, regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or a flashy birthday. Photography is a way to capture the best moments of life and preserve them in tangible form. Photographers take precious moments to another level, be it sentimental or corporate. Even though it might seem that hiring an event photographer will take more time and effort than the cost, you’ll be able to capture amazing images that will make your event stand out. Here are some of our top photography services in North Las Vegas.

Karelin Studio

Karelin will help capture the most memorable moments of your life. Every bride wants the wedding photos to be beautiful, authentic, and stress-free. It is difficult to find the right photographer when trying to narrow down the amazing photographers available for this very important day in our lives. Karelin Studio places customer satisfaction first and makes sure that everything runs smoothly during this memorable time in their lives. Karelin can help you make your day more memorable by taking engagement photos, maternity photos and headshots.

Zoltan wedding photography

Zoltan Redl Nagy, Las Vegas wedding photographer is an expert in capturing the magic of destination marriages. His images are a combination of digital and traditional processes. He combines talent and technique to create stunning, imaginative images. He is able to make people look their best, and he can also tell beautiful stories through imagery. Zoltan has the ability to bring out all the best in every situation and any destination. His outstanding boudoir photos are a testament to his artistic vision. Zoltan will serve as your creative partner. By using his creativity to help empower you, he will appreciate and welcome your input.

Pure Touch Photography

Pure Touch Photography will capture your most treasured moments. Pure Touch Photography can help you preserve your precious memories for a lifetime with professional photography. Our experienced photographers have the equipment and technique to produce beautiful photographs that will be treasured forever. It takes more than equipment to create stunning photographs. Our photographers have the experience and attention required to make clients feel at ease in front of a camera and still produce images that they will treasure forever. Their dedication is evident in every aspect, from great photos to delighted clients to capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Their professional experience, as well as beautiful photos, make them one the most sought-after photography services in North Las Vegas.

AB Virtual Studios

AB Virtual Studios in Las Vegas is the Specialty Photography and Video Studio. Their 15-years of combined experience will allow them to capture all the special moments from your wedding day. The team has a wealth of knowledge about the equipment required for videography and photography. These images will last a lifetime. AB Virtual Studios can help you plan your photos or video. They will help you make the right choices based on what you desire for your special day. Their goal is to capture memories that will last forever in the videos and photographs we create. Every editing detail is taken care of throughout the session so that you don’t miss any precious moments.

Renowned Photos

Renowned Photos is a Las Vegas-based photography company that specializes in creating high quality images for clients. They are passionate about photography and will tell you that they only focus on taking photographs that will be passed down to the next generation. With a combined decade of experience, they have worked with people from all walks. It’s no surprise that their results are “we couldn’t be happier”. We offer our services for many events including weddings, concerts and corporate events. This makes them the top-rated photography service in North Las Vegas.

RM Photo Gallery

RM is home to a collection Ruben Martinez’s creative photography. Ruben, a Las Vegas-based photographer, leads a creative and fulfilled life. He showcases landscape images he captured during his wanderlust adventures, along with his ever-growing collection of long exposure photos that use movement as an element to capture reality and imagination. You will be captivated by the beauty of these images, whether they are natural stitches or ideas captured using long exposures.

John’s Headshots

John, Las Vegas’ top-rated headshot photographer has been serving the area for some time. His years of photography experience and learning has enabled him to offer his customers the most up-to-date information possible using a Canon 5d Mark4 Canon 5d Mark4 camera. He is always smiling when you meet him. He is warm and welcoming, which allows clients to be themselves without feeling awkward. His goal is to produce high quality headshots for customer satisfaction and make each session feel appealing and accommodating. This can only be achieved with years of experience behind a camera lens.

LV Photography

LV Photography is your one-stop source for all of your corporate events, conventions, or special days. We combine the best Las Vegas photography coverage with perfect cinematic-documentary HD videography to give you a stellar experience from start to end of any event. They are a top-rated photography service in North Las Vegas thanks to their top-quality images and exceptional customer service.



Finding a great photographer for your big event is not always easy. To capture the best moments in your photos, you need to choose a photographer with the right experience, knowledge, and professionalism. It is important that your day is captured in the most beautiful manner possible. The above mentioned photography services are dedicated to achieving this goal.