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Strømpeforing kloak – excavation free sewer renovation


Sock lining – Excavation-free sewer renovation
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1 Sock lining – Excavation-free sewer renovation
1.1 Stocking lining – A fast and efficient solution
1.2 We also do point renovation
1.3 How long does a sewer last?
1.3.1 What is sock lining made of?
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One of our competencies at Peder Skotte. Aut. sewer master & Entreprenør Aps is sock lining. Damaged sewer lines are usually difficult to access as they are buried. However, you do not have to have your garden destroyed or dig your driveway or sidewalk up to have the sewer renovated ….

Stocking lining – A fast and efficient solution
We use sock lining to repair the damage that is in the sewer. This method makes it possible to renovate sewers without excavation. This is an easier and often cheaper solution. With sock lining, the damaged sewer line is renovated by creating a new pipe in the existing sewer line. This is made possible by using a specially designed felt bag that is stiffened / cured with a two-component liquid, which is mixed and the felt bag is impregnated with.

Renovation of the sewer in this way is both fast and efficient, and at the same time gives the sewer a really good protection against rats, tree roots and infiltration of sand and gravel etc. You also avoid having to re-establish the lawn, tiles and asphalt etc. Subsequently. Stocking lining can be done both from well to well or in the sewer plugs into the building.

We also do point renovation
If there are only a few breaks in the sewer line or leaks or perhaps problems with seepage, sock lining as spot repairs is the solution. In addition to renovating the sewer, this work technique can also be used to unplug branch pipes.

stocking lining
How long does a sewer last?
The service life of concrete pipes is expected to be around 50 years. Often, after 50 years, concrete pipes will start to crumble, but this does not necessarily happen. If a plastic or concrete sewer pipe is regularly maintained by means of TV inspection, nuisance can at best only occur after 100 years.

What is sock lining made of?
Sock lining is a technique used to renovate sewers, where a new pipe is made, inside the defective sewer pipe, using a felt or fiberglass hose impregnated with epoxy, polyester, or silicate and expanded with hot water or steam.

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