9 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Roofing Company



Roofs can be a significant investment. You need to make sure that you choose the right one for your home. A good roof lasts for decades. Therefore, it’s worth choosing a trusted roofing company with a long history. There are several factors to be aware of when choosing a roofing company.


Put it in writing


If the contractor proposes a lengthy-term project, such as roof repair or replacement, you can request a written price quote. This should include any details that were discussed on the phone. You can also inquire if the contractor will be sending sub contractors to complete your job. This way, you’ll know who will be doing what work (important for getting paid for a job completed).


Refer to the references


Many contractors will provide at the very least one reference. You can get in touch first with these people to find out how satisfied the were with the quality and experience they had with the contractor.


Make sure it’s insured


There is a reason that they requested your social security number to schedule your first appointment. To ensure you get the correct insurance coverage, they will need to do background checks on you. If you are applying to finance, they will need proof of liability insurance from the roofing company. Ask them directly what coverage they have. If they respond “a lot”, then you should be able to give some numbers (type and limit of coverage, deductible, etc.). Even if a company is well-established, they won’t be around for very long if their roofs don’t have adequate insurance.


Verify that the materials meet your standards


This may or might not apply to you, depending on your location. California roofing companies employ CertainTeed products almost exclusively. Therefore, it’s simple to ensure that you are following the law and adhering to the code when choosing CertainTeed products. Ask about the company’s history and ask questions about their products. For example, have they ever been cited in code violations or faced other problems? Are there any testimonials of customers who have previously used the product? If so, get contact information for these customers and ask them about their experience. These details will help you get a better idea of the company and what their products/services are like.


Ask about warranties.


A warranty is worthless if it doesn’t come in writing. As soon as possible, meet with a representative of the company’s warranty division to go over your options. Most likely they can help you to reach an agreement for extended coverage and repairs without additional costs.


It doesn’t matter if your roof gives way after five years instead of 20. Then again, it’s still your responsibility to make sure you get the best life you can.


Take off the whole thing or just one piece?


An asphalt roof can be found on older homes. These shingles will last about 10 years if they are not maintained properly. Two options that contractors offer are available to replace your roof: total removal and tear-off.


A tear off simply means that every piece of old shingle/tarpaper/sheathing is removed and thrown away. The entire top layer of your home is taken off to reveal the metal or wood, and then your roof is replaced. This means that you’ll have to bear the noise of construction as well as the fact that your house is open to the elements.


Total removal refers to the complete removal of everything old (shingles/tarpaper/etc.). All old materials (shingles/tarpaper/etc.) must be removed. It is more convenient for you, as there are less disruptions. However it could cause more problems down-the-line if one or more shingles are damaged during removal. If they need to be reinstalled they will do so after the new roof is installed.


Get quotes from Different Companies


Get estimates from at most three companies. Compare their prices before you make a decision. Although you can receive quotes over the telephone, it is better to have contractors come out to inspect your roof. This will ensure that you get a precise estimate on the project and not just a description. You will find that prices vary among contractors who provide the same quality work. Make sure to ask them why.


Excellent Customer Service


Good customer service is key to a smooth job when you deal with a company who will be replacing your roof. Nothing is more frustrating that being on the other end of a call with an ignorant person when you are most in need.


Investigate the reputation of the company online



Look up the Better Business Bureau to find out what their ratings are. Also look for any complaints. It is likely that customers who are having problems with a roofing business will report them. Review sites are another good place to check out the company’s reputation. It’s not uncommon for customers to be unhappy with how certain things turned out, so ensure you read the reviews before signing anything.