Eight Fascinating Information about Ants That You Have to Learn


There’s extra to those widespread pest than you would possibly assume.

Ants are quite common virtually anyplace you reside (see Ant Reality #7), however sure species of ants  are really distinctive and may present  perception on a variety of subjects from social habits to site visitors patterns. Try a few of our attention-grabbing ant info beneath.


Reality #1: Colonies are larger than the common ant farm.

Ant colonies are available in actually all sizes and shapes. A couple of species dwell in colonies of only some dozen ants; nevertheless, the common ant colony comprises 1000’s of particular person ants. Smaller colonies dwell in pure crevices or openings whereas bigger colonies create huge nests and forage for provides and meals. There are additionally super colonies around the globe that may comprise greater than 300 million people. These tremendous colonies have been recognized in Japan, Australia, the US, and southern Europe.

Reality #2: Ants have particular jobs.

Ants are very social bugs, and so they divide jobs amongst several types of ants in every colony. The queen or queens have just one job – to put eggs. All different feminine ants are employees; they feed the larvae, take out the colony’s trash, forage for meals and provides, or defend the nest. Male ants’ solely job is to mate with the queen.

Reality #3: Ants haven’t got ears.

As an alternative of listening to by way of auditory canals, ants “hear” by feeling vibrations within the floor. Particular sensors on their ft and on their knees assist ants interpret alerts from their environment. Additionally they use their antennae and the hairs on their physique to really feel round whereas foraging for meals.

Reality #4: One ant species is solely feminine.

Researchers have but to discover a male of the species M. smithii. The queen ant reproduces asexually, so all offspring are clones of the queen. This species is present in a number of international locations of Central America and most international locations of South America.

Reality #5: Ants can turn out to be zombies.

Maybe the strangest ant truth, there’s a species of fungus that infects ants and takes control of their bodies. The fungus finds its means beneath the ant’s exoskeleton and begins to eat delicate tissue. Shortly after, by unknown mechanisms, it causes the ant to depart its colony. The ant then finds a leaf, bites it with a “dying grip,” and dies. A couple of days later, the fungus releases spores to contaminate extra ants. Some ant species have realized to acknowledge contaminated colony mates and can carry them distant to guard the remainder of the colony.

Reality #6: Ants can raise 10-50 occasions their physique weight.

As a result of ants are so small, their muscular tissues are thicker relative to their physique mass than in bigger animals. This enables ants to hold objects a lot heavier and larger than them. To place it into perspective, if people may raise 10 occasions their weight, a 200-pound man may raise a small automobile above his head.

Reality #7: Some ants are homeless.

Not all ant species construct nests. A gaggle of about 200 species referred to as army ants have two phases of their life: nomad and stationary. In the course of the colony’s nomad section, the ants journey all day, attacking different colonies and bugs they encounter for meals. At night time, they construct a brief nest and preserve transferring the subsequent morning. The one time they cease touring is in the course of the stationary section when the queen lays eggs and the colony waits for them to hatch. Throughout this time, the employee ants make a nest out of their very own our bodies to guard the queen, the meals, and the eggs.

Reality #8: Ants are discovered (virtually) in every single place on Earth.

Ants are discovered on each continent on Earth besides Antarctica. A couple of islands reminiscent of Greenland shouldn’t have any native ant species, however particular person ants have been introduced in by way of human journey. The huge distribution of ants is rivaled solely by that of people. Very spectacular for such little guys!

Regardless of how fascinating these ant info could also be, ant management and administration across the residence are vital for well being and security causes. For those who suspect an ant infestation, go to our Discover a Professional web page to find a pest control professional in your space.