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Home Window Repair How To Repair A Cracked Window

Dec 27

A crack or broken window pane can be a serious security issue for your home and lead to drafts that raise your energy costs. Home window repair that you can make to help reduce the amount of air from outside entering your house until you are able to replace it with a new pane.

Clear super glue, preferably the kind that is specifically designed for glass repair like Glassbusters, can be applied to fill in and strengthen the cracks in your windows. While it may not make the cracks invisible it should be a noticeable improvement and offer a more robust repair than just covering it with tape.

Before you attempt to fix a cracked window you should remove the old pane and take measurements of the empty frame. This information will help you to determine the size of replacement glass needed. Once you have the measurements you can head to a home improvement store and purchase your new glass and glazier points (the metal triangles that hold the panes in place). Heat up the putty with a hot blow dryer, a wood chisel or a utility knife and scrape it off. This can be a tricky job that requires a good deal of patience.

Using a clear plastic garbage bag is another way to prevent the air from outside from coming into your house until you can get a new pane installed. Simply place the bag over the cracked window and secure it with tape. The bag will reduce the amount of air that can come into your home and should be effective if it is not subjected to extreme temperature changes, which could cause it to expand or crack.

If your crack is small and you can access both sides of it you can try a transparent shellac or nail varnish to fill it in. This can take quite a while to do and it will likely not be completely invisible but it should reduce the amount of light that is able to filter through the crack.

You should also consider saturating the wood near the break with linseed oil. This will help to maximize the life of any putty that you may use to secure the new pane and should prevent it from swelling or clouding over time. This is an extra step but one that is well worth the effort and will ensure your new pane of glass lasts as long as possible before you decide to have it replaced. Once the repairs are complete it is important to keep an eye on your windows and replace them if they show signs of wear or tear, especially if you have young children in your home. This will help to keep them safe from accidental injuries and will ensure that your home is not at risk of breaking glass during a break in. It is also a great idea to replace your windows if you notice a lot of condensation on the inside.