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How Do Professional Pest Control Exterminators Kill Bedbugs?

Feb 8

You can and should engage an exterminator in Waxhaw, NC, if your bed bug infestation persists despite your many efforts. Although a variety of do-it-yourself treatments for bed bugs are available online, they can be uncomfortable and even filthy. If you would instead not come face-to-face with these bloodsucking insects, you should pay an exterminator to perform the job. In addition, they are trained and have the necessary equipment, whereas you may have never dealt with this issue before and would need to purchase and learn how to use specialized equipment.


Even though bed bugs do not transmit diseases as mosquitoes or ticks can, their bites are painful and itchy, and it's terrible to think they're invading the safest and most private corner of your house. Because bed bugs have five sta

ges in their life cycle, a trained eye is required to identify and eradicate an infestation. A bed bug exterminator knows precisely what to look for, as bed bug control cannot be implemented without the ability to identify affected regions.


Exterminators' Methods for Detecting Bed Bug Infestations


Exterminators can diagnose bed bug infestations in a variety of methods. For example, wounds and red itchy skin regions where bed bugs have bitten you during the night are evidence of bed bugs. Therefore, they can detect if you have a bed bug infestation solely by looking at these specific bites, but they must also conduct a visual inspection.


To the naked eye, adult bed bugs resemble apple seeds in form and size. They have a rounded abdomen with a tiny little head at a point and are dark brown to black in hue. These bugs will most often be found in their favorite hiding spots, including cracks and crevices in the headboards of infested beds, box springs and seams of mattresses, and even other furniture, such as couch cushions.


In addition to adult bed bugs, you will most certainly notice nymphs, which are tiny bed bugs smaller than adults and translucent rather than brownish-black. Bed bug eggs are the size of a pinhead and tough to find, but an exterminator will know just what to search for.


Other visible and even smell markers of bed bugs' (strong) presence exist. The first feature is their distinctive fecal stains, crimson or reddish brown blotches where bed bugs hide. You might also come across their molted skin, which is only an empty exoskeleton.


A strangely pleasant odor in the air is the final indicator of a severe bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, it takes many of these pests to produce this odor, the pheromones used by insects, to communicate.


Some believe it smells like cilantro, while others say it smells more like berries. As a homeowner, you're likely to see this bed bug warning if you've been away for a while. This is more of a concern in hotel rooms that have yet to be well-cleaned.


As can be seen, exterminators employ a broad number of strategies to eradicate bed bug infestations, and the scope and magnitude of the issue determine the systems they utilize. Because bed bugs are resilient pests that won't go down without a fight, many of these solutions entail using chemical treatments that are not readily available over the counter. This indicates that it is critical to seek the services of a trained specialist as soon as possible in the event that there is an infestation of bed bugs.


Here at Freedom Pest Services, we specialize in bed bug extermination, and our professional exterminators have the knowledge and experience to efficiently identify, treat, and prevent future infestations. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free consultation!