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Steps to Repairing a Squeaky Garage Door

Dec 31

We've all been there. You're trying to leave the house for work, school, the grocery store, etc., and the garage door is squealing. It could be a screeching, grinding sound or any other word which describes an unpleasant sound. It's so irritating and loud that it bounces throughout your garage and home walls. You can end the sound or call a garage door repair in San Diego service.


We're here to help you! This blog post will give tips for repairing a noisy garage door. Before we dive into this, let's discuss what could be making the noise in the first place.


What can cause a garage door to be noisy?

There are many causes why the garage door may be making noises. The springs may have worn out and require to be replaced. It could also be because of tracks that are not aligned correctly or are dirty. Whatever the cause, there are some ways to try to fix the issue on your own before calling an expert garage door repair in San Diego service.


Begin by looking at the springs and see whether they need to be replaced. If they're worn and old, then that's probably why your garage door is producing a lot of noise. It is possible to purchase new springs at the local hardware store or contact a repair service to replace them.


Then, you should check the tracks for debris and dirt and scrub them clean when needed. Sometimes all the garage door needs is a thorough cleaning! If the tracks are badly damaged or misaligned, you'll need a garage door repair San Diego professional to repair them.


4 Simple Steps To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors that sound raucous are more than an inconvenience. It's the sound of chance knocking or, in this case, banging. When your garage door is squeaking, it's an opportunity to step up and do something about it. What better way to take advantage of this chance? The ability to silence a garage door is simple if you know the steps. You need to follow these simple steps.


1. Lubricate all moving parts: Apply a thin layer of oil or lubricant on your garage door's moving parts. This will allow them to run more efficiently and quietly.


2. Take a look at the springs. If the garage door sounds like it makes excessive noise, it could be because the springs are too tight. The problem can be fixed by making the springs looser.


3. Tighten loose hardware Hardware, like bolts and screws, can become loose over time, which may cause your garage door to make a sound. This issue can be fixed by tightening the screws and bolts.


4. Replace worn-out parts: If there are any damaged or worn parts on your garage door, replacing them may help reduce the noise it creates when it opens and closes.



Noisy garage doors can be annoying. However, before calling a professional to repair your garage door, there are options to consider. You can try to lubricate the door and tighten the screws before calling a professional. If that doesn't work, the roller bearings may require replacement. With a bit of patience and effort, you should be able to repair your garage door's noise yourself. We appreciate your patience and hope you get this helpful information.

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