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Top 3 Termite Killers for 2023 that Exterminators Use

Dec 18

Termite infestations can negatively affect your property's structural and aesthetic qualities. They live in underground colonies that feed on wood, paper, and other materials containing cellulose.


An exterminator in Waxhaw, NC uses a variety of methods to get rid of termites, including physical barriers, baiting systems, and chemicals. 


Here are the top three termite killers used by exterminators in 2023 for eliminating these pesky pests:




Bora-Care is a low-toxicity, green wood treatment that penetrates deep into the wood and provides a barrier to prevent future infestations. 


This termite killer is one of the most popular options today because it's highly effective and provides long-lasting protection against various types of wood-destroying organisms, including subterranean termites, Formosan termites, dry wood termites, wood-eating beetles, carpenter ants, and decay fungi.


When sprayed on hardwood species like oak, Bora-Care seeps in the wood slowly, but when applied to softwoods like pine, it penetrates wood swiftly. It bonds to the wood and forms a barrier that stops termites, carpenter ants, wood-destroying beetles, and fungal decay in their  tracks. 


It works by killing the bugs that come in contact with it and prevents them from doing damage, while leaving your home's structure safe and intact. It also creates an invisible, long-lasting barrier that prevents reinfestation by other pests. 




This termite killer is a popular choice for exterminators because it's both highly effective and non-toxic to humans and animals. It works by killing termites quickly, giving you quick results in your fight against them. 


Fipronil also has long-term residual effects that last up to 10 years, making it an excellent option for long-term protection.


Signs & Symptoms You Might be Exposed to Fipronil 


After a brief exposure, fipronil can have negative health impacts depending on how a person is exposed to the drug. Very slight skin irritation may be caused by direct, brief skin contact. 


People who accidently drank fipronil reported having a variety of health problems, including sweating, vomiting, migraines, stomachaches, disorientation, weakness, and seizures. Most of the time, signs and symptoms disappear after a brief exposure to fipronil.


Termidor (The Most Effective Termite Solution) 


Termidor doesn't repel termites, a significant benefit it has over many other products.


Termites can recognize the more antiquated compounds in the soil and avoid them. That implies that the termites are still present, undamaged, and actively scouting the area for possible entry points inside your house.


Termites can't smell Termidor, so they unknowingly come into contact with it as they explore the soil. Through contact and ingestion, Termidor kills termites.


Termites are unaware that they are eating Termidor since they cannot detect it. However, even when they are not eating, they go about their daily lives and will still perish if they come into touch with Termidor.


Many more alternatives are available to assist you in combating these wood-eating bugs, but these are the top three that exterminators will use in 2023. Carefully investigate each option to determine which is best for your residential or commercial space. Then, you can swiftly and permanently eliminate termites using the correct termite killer.


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