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How do I know if I have mold in my house? 5 Things To Look For

Oct 4

Mold can be something that is very disgusting and annoying to deal with. We have compiled a list of 5 things that you should look for in order to confirm whether you have mold in your house or not. As a side note before we dive in, if you are in need of water damage restoration Chicago today or Chicago mold remediation then give The Cleanup Guys a call today!

1. The Smell

The smell of mold is old, musty and earthy. It smells like what you would imagine stale smells like.

2. Allergy Flare-ups

One thing that happens when you get mold inside of your house is that you start to notice severe allergy flareups. Your body is going to adjust to the mold around your house and this is one of the big signs that you have mold.

3. Warped Walls - Moldy Walls

If you notice that your wall looks like it has water damage or mold then it's likely molded. Sometimes the clearest sign that you have mold is that you can actually see it. You should always be cautious with water damage on your walls and ceiling and find the leak. If you have persistent leaks then you will end up with mold.

4. Persistent Illness

Have you recently been fighting a persistent illness? Having mold in your house can cause you to have respiratory illnesses and that is one clear sign that you have mold in your house.

5. Fungus around the house such as a couch or carpets

Mildew is attracted to leather and wood that is moist. It's very common for you to get moldy couches or carpets when you have mold in your house because it attracts it. Make sure to check that you don't have discolored spots, fuzz or spores on your carpets or your couch.

As a side note, when you have a flooding in your home then you should always check the carpet and padding regularly.