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Tips to Keep Your Living Room Clean

Sep 15

Your living room is showing signs of wear and tear. The coffee table is cluttered. There is a film of dust on the mirrors and pictures.

Most alarming of all, dust can fall to the floor when you turn on the ceiling fan. Don't panic if that is what you see in your living space. Everyone experiences it at some point.

Here are some quick and easy tips to clean your living room quickly and efficiently. We're here for that, fortunately.

This article will give you nine house cleaning Bend Oregon tips that will help you keep your living space tidy. You'll be proud to show off your living room to guests by following these tips.

  1. Get rid of clutter in your living room and start cleaning it up

Living rooms got their names because they are where the family lives. However, clutter is a common problem in "living". Be sure to get rid of any clutter on your floors or couches before you start cleaning.

These items could include old blankets, toys, and dirty dishes left over from snack time. Gather the blankets in one place and fold them. Then, you can start to do the rest of your cleaning.

  1. Flip Couch Cushions for a Clean Living Space Look

After a long period of usage, couches can begin to look a bit swollen. There are several ways to fix this problem. If you have the time, you could pick up each cushion from the floor and move it around.

This helps to fluff the cushion and gives it a fuller appearance. This step can be skipped if you flip the cushions. You should do the same for the back cushions.

This is a quick trick to make your couch look more polished. It will conceal any stains or imprints from the topside.

  1. Clearing off the Coffee Table

A lot of clutter can gather around the coffee table in living rooms. You can solve this problem by organizing quickly. You can get rid of old magazines.

Get rid of any old magazines. You can also arrange them in patterns like a fan shape. Use a tray to make miscellaneous objects such as remote controls and reading glasses.

Set out coasters to serve your guests. If you do these things, your coffee table will be the perfect place for pleasant conversations.

  1. Cleaning Mirrors

Mirrors enhance a space by making it brighter and livelier. However, mirrors reflect dirt and dust from the space when they are dirty.

There's an easy solution. All mirror surfaces can be cleaned with an anti-streak formula. Be sure to grab any mirror-top table!

You can also use this spray to clean your windows. Clean windows will make your room shine on a sunny day.

  1. Make a change in your dusting method

Most people use some sort of dust spray to clean their living rooms. Switch to a microfiber towel instead. These microfiber cloths can be used to remove large quantities of dust by gently wiping.

It is in your best interests to use this cloth for all your hardtop furniture. You can, however, skip furniture your guests will not see if you're in a rush. When you have more time, save the table legs or mantel tops.

  1. Add some artistic touches

It's not difficult to create a neat living room. A few candles can be lit in the living area before your guests arrive. This tactic has many benefits.

First, candles are known for their charming smells which make people feel more at ease. Candles also lend a warm, inviting atmosphere to your environment. This sensation can be enhanced by bundling three candles together.

Fresh flowers and wreaths are another way to make your living area stand out. You can make your living room stand out by adding a few fresh flowers or wreaths.

  1. Natural Light

When hosting guests, it is important to make the most of the natural light available in the living area. Close your blinds and draw curtains.

It is also a good idea to raise your blinds especially when it is sunny.
It makes the space feel more open and inviting. It has another practical advantage. It is impossible for anyone to see what's between your slats when you raise the blinds.

  1. Pet Fur Cleaning

Your pets are beloved family members. They shed fur all over the house, which is why they are less loved. A lint roller should be kept near furniture to prevent fur buildup.

Take a moment to brush the cushions while you read or watch TV. This helps to prevent fur getting too big on furniture.

Some furniture also allows you to use a vacuum attachment for fur removal. If you choose to go this route, ensure the vacuum doesn't use too much force on your furniture. Make sure you vacuum the furniture until no fur remains.

Before you host guests, please follow these steps. You will avoid embarrassment by not apologizing to guests for fur covering their clothes when they stand.

  1. Using Homemade Cleaners

Many people don’t know that they can make their own cleaners. These products can be made in a few minutes and are just as effective than their brand-name counterparts.

Most likely, you have the ingredients in your kitchen. Look online to find out how to make your own cleaning supplies!

Hire Professionals

A living room can be cleaned in an hour. You can speed up the process by using these tips to create a welcoming living area display.

Can you do it for the rest? If not, don't worry! Instead, you can call our professional cleaning service.

Every home we clean is treated with the highest quality cleaning service. can provide an instant quote.

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