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Questions To Ask Your Lawn Care Professional Before Sodding

Aug 17

If you want your lawn to look beautiful, installing sod is the ideal option. Find as many quotes as possible from respected and reputable landscaping companies in your local area prior to making a final choice. This article will provide details from sod Albuquerque contractors to assist you in deciding who to hire.


Where can you buy your sod?

Although the source of the grass you've chosen to plant isn't as critical, knowing where it came from can give you more insight into its health and reputation. Request your installer to explain the different types of grass and if they're appropriate for your particular area. Transparency is crucial when it comes down to discussions about sodding. Albuquerque can support a few kinds of sod grass.


What is the length of time between harvest and sod installation?

Artificial turf and sod left on pallets for too long may create stress on the plant, prolonging the period for establishment. This is a huge no-no. Good sod grass develops roots within the first two weeks of sod installation. However, it begins to develop roots around six weeks after. Sod can be laid at the proper time of year to reduce the necessary upkeep.


Your Lawn's Preparation for Installing new Sod Grass


There are many types of grasses for the sod to pick from.

The Albuquerque sod installation team can provide a variety of sod grass types. Understand the distinctions between the numerous species of grass and determine which ones are the most appropriate to the conditions on your land. You'll need a type of grass that can withstand the cold weather in Albuquerque.


Cool Season Grass in Various Forms

One of the best ways to make your lawn appear gorgeous at home is by using sod. There are many types of grass to choose from. The ideal selection for your garden will depend on what you'd like to achieve.

How do you put in new soil?

When it comes time to install sod, our team at sod Albuquerque uses a three-step procedure. To examine the soil's health and condition on your Albuquerque property, We, the Albuquerque landscapers, conduct a Soil Health Examination. The new lawn will improve the appearance of your property provided we can determine the best conditions for it. The first step to getting your land ready for a new lawn is testing the soil. In order to prepare your soil for the new grass, organic fertilizers, as well as compost, will be utilized. The use of organic ingredients will benefit your pet, as well as you and the natural environment. Once the soil has been ready, your sod is ready to be laid.


How do I maintain my new Sod Grass Plants?

An expert sod Albuquerque installer with many years of experience, We can provide you with complete instructions on how to put in your new sod. When it's the start of its life, new sod needs constant watering. A conversation with your landscaper will let you know how much water is needed for your specific type of sod. The new lawn must also be mowed according to the proper time.


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