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Holland Michigan Homes Plagued By Moles Damaging Lawns

Jul 12

Lawn Destroying Moles in Holland Michigan Increasing

While most Holland Michgian homeowners tolerate a small number of lawn destroying moles, the damage that they cause is substantial and can ruin valuable plants. Controlling moles in Holland, MI can be challenging because the moles can make their tracks in the lawn and weaken the top layer of soil. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with moles in your yard. Fortunately, none of them is foolproof, so here are some ways to manage moles in your yard.

The first thing you should know about moles is that they will dig up your lawn in search of food if you don't hire mole control professionals immediately. Despite their destructive behaviors, moles are important for the health of your lawn because they aerate the soil and eat harmful insects. Their digging efforts can destroy your lawn and cause it to sink. Other pests that will destroy your lawn are grubs and beetles. They can also damage underground roots.

Damages caused by lawn destroying moles

The damages caused by lawn destroying moles include the following: the trails they make in your lawn from the dead grass that they destroy. Besides uprooting grass, moles can also disrupt the root systems of other plants, such as vegetables. Moles also cause uprooting of turf, and the tunnels they create are prone to drying up the soil. Ultimately, moles can destroy seedlings and even weeds.

Luckily, moles can cause minimal damage if caught in time. The moles have large frontal feet and pointed snouts, which allow them to quickly enter your lawn and start digging. This makes the moles' homes more difficult to repair, but once they've gotten established, moles can wreak havoc on your landscape. So, before you decide to yank a lawn destroying mole, remember that the longer moles stay in your yard, the harder it will be to eradicate them.

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Moles also damage ornamentals. They can also eat the roots of plants. And, unlike voles, they do not cause disease or injury to humans. So, you should consider getting rid of them if you notice them in your lawn. If you do manage to get rid of them, you can still enjoy your lawn again.


If moles make their way into your yard, they will do expensive damage. With the help of their massive front hands and claws, they can dig a hole the length of a football field in one day while in quest of food. As a result, your grass will sustain root damage and unattractive tunnels. Mole control in Holland has been performed by Best Way Animal Removal for many years, and they can get rid of the moles in your yard in a secure manner. The secret to effective mole removal is to get the population under control by eliminating as many moles as possible to isolate the mating couple. The humane mole removal techniques used by Best Way are specifically designed to provide the most economical solution for the type of mole and the severity of the damage. As part of our service, we prefer to instruct homeowners on how to make their property less alluring to moles. The Best Way mole control specialists are prepared to start eliminating moles from your property.

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Moles are difficult to get rid of, but Best Way Animal Removal's wildlife removal specialists are experienced and can assist. Our practical and efficient mole control techniques can help you address your mole control issues in Holland, MI swiftly. In Holland, Michigan, Best Way offers a variety of mole control services, including as mole removal, mole trapping, mole prevention techniques, and mole damage restoration. By using only humane animal handling techniques throughout all of our mole control strategies, we can solve your mole problems. Moles can be rid with the help of Best Way Animal Removal.