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May 15

Space is an important commodity when it comes to your home. Perhaps you want to add a bedroom or a home office. You might be a retired person who needs a space to entertain your friends. There are many options available to meet your space needs. Although a home addition can provide more space, it can also be costly. These are three alternatives to adding more space to your home without increasing the square footage. It's amazing how much space is already in your walls. Remodeling contractors in Phoenix are needed.

Finish your basement and attic

A basement, attic or garage can all be finished as an alternative to adding an addition. The roof and foundation are two of the most expensive parts of an addition to your home. Both of these are already installed in the areas where you live. A large, unfinished basement that has enough space to allow you to move around comfortably can be transformed into a new floor. Once the space is finished, there are many possibilities for it to be used as a living area. You can start with a family entertainment area, a playroom or gym for the grandkids or grandchildren, or even a downstairs gymnasium.

You can look upwards to your attic if you don't have a basement. Although it may not seem like much, if the attic has access via stairs, you might just find the perfect solution to your need for a home office or additional bedroom. These spaces can add a lot of square footage to your house, as they have all the necessary walls, floors, roof, and floor. Although finishing a room may not be as difficult as adding a new room to your home, it is important to hire a trusted contractor to remodel your home in Phoenix az.

Remove interior walls

Look at the layout of your home if you don't have enough space in your basement or attic, or if you want to add more space to one of your main floors, consider your layout. Are there any walls in your interior that you can live without? You can open up spaces and create more space by removing walls. This is particularly useful if your kitchen needs to be expanded, if you have small rooms you would like to convert into larger spaces, or if you are looking to open up your living space to increase the feeling of spaciousness.

There are two types of walls: load-bearing and non-load-bearing. It is possible to remove both load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. However, it is easier to remove interior walls that don't support the structure of your house. A trusted Arizona home remodeler can help you decide which walls to remove based upon the layout of your house.

Convert under-utilized space

Look at what space you have. Is it being used in the most efficient manner? There are likely to be areas in your home that are not being used properly. These could provide the extra space you need. You can also consider adding storage to the staircase leading to the second floor. Or, you could repurpose an old closet into a home office with a desk.

You can also repurpose larger areas. You may have a guest room that is rarely used. If you have a guest bedroom that is rarely used, turn it into a home gym or playroom for your children. An entire room can be transformed into a multi-purpose living space with a entertainment center at one end and a dining area at the other. You can do many home renovations within the walls you have. Phoenix Home Remodeling professionals are required.

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