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Mar 8

The best skiing and snowboarding trails in Cedar City, UT


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Cedar City is a great place for winter sports enthusiasts. If you’ve been thinking about hitting the slopes this year, then it might be worth your while to check out some of these trails first. It can be hard to choose where to go, and sometimes it seems like every mountain has the same old trails with the same old snow conditions. But Cedar City offers something different: there are great skiing and snowboarding trails here that will make your heart race as you try them out!


Ironmen trail

Also known as “The Pit”, this trail is a favorite among locals and snowboarding enthusiasts. It has a reputation for being one of the most challenging trails in all of Southern Utah.  It can be tough to reach at times, but there are helicopter services that will drop you off on top of the mountain so that you can ski for free for an entire year.

China Wall Trail

You can also get dropped off right on top of this trail by helicopter. It is one of the most challenging ones in Cedar City, but it’s great for skiing and snowboarding because you can enjoy some amazing views of the surrounding peaks.  If you manage to make it down without falling, then you will be treated to pristine powdery white snow every time!

Butler Fork Loop

This trail leads through part of Spoon Hollow before reaching two different forks, where one leads into Iron Men Trail and the other leads to Sundance Ridge. An early morning trip up here often means fresh powder before anyone else has had a chance to beat it down. It’s a great trial for beginners and experts alike.

Sundance Ridge

This path is only really accessible from Butler Fork Loop, so it’s a good choice for snowboarders who want a quiet place to practice their skills. While it doesn’t have the same reputation as Iron Men Trail, it does have beautiful views of Cedar City and Southern Utah.  It can also be shortened if you simply follow the ridge out instead of going all the way down into Butler Hollow.


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Spoon Hollow

Another favorite among locals, this trail offers advanced skiing opportunities with gradual slopes perfect for intermediate skiers. The peak located at the end of Spoon Hollow has some steep slopes, so it’s best for experts looking to push their limits.

The Ridges Loop

This trail is located in the Wolf Mountain area and takes skiers through six different trails which vary in difficulty level. There are ponds, trees, and open spaces on this course, making it especially fun for families who want to get out of the house but don’t necessarily want to take any risks.  It can be crowded at times with beginner skiers, but usually not enough that experts have a hard time getting through without crashing into anyone else.

Powder Ridge Loop

Another popular trail among the locals is this one up at Wolf Mountain. It has some long slopes perfect for speed skiing, especially at the height of winter. If you’re looking for a mix of beginner and intermediate trails to make it easier on yourself, check out this trail first before heading over to The Ridges Loop immediately afterward.

The best hiking trails near Cedar City, UT

There is no better way to enjoy the mountains than by going on a hike. You can choose from many different trails and routes that will take you through forests and meadows as you inhale crisp mountain air. There are plenty of great day hikes in this area for anyone who loves fresh air and beautiful sights.  Once you get hooked on hiking, then it’s easy to start venturing out into more challenging terrain that will make your heart race every time!

Blackridge Trail

This trail takes hikers along many different formations like peaks, cliffs, gorges, etc. It also has amazing views of the surrounding landscapes.  It’s a great trail to start with if you’re new to hiking and want to go at your own pace.

Coach Whip Nature Trail

This is another easygoing path that takes hikers along the upper portion of Iron Spring Canyon. It’s one of the nicer hikes in Cedar City due to its multiple lookouts, many benches for resting, and historical markers on the side of the path.

China Wall Soccer Fields Trails

These trails are located near some soccer fields in Cedar City, but they make for an ideal workout location since they tend to be more challenging than other trails in this area. There are many flat stretches here where you can catch your breath before continuing. More experienced hikers can venture out into more challenging terrain just off of these trails.

The Crags

This trail is for advanced hikers only! It’s a strenuous uphill climb, especially the last half mile or so. But, it takes you past many great views of Southern Utah and Cedar City you won’t find anywhere else.  This trail is worth visiting if you want to feel like an explorer.

The best rock climbing spots near Cedar City, UT

Climbing rocks is an exhilarating activity that will test your strength and balance in ways that are hard to accomplish anywhere else.  There are plenty of places around Cedar City where climbers can enjoy year-round no matter what the weather is like outside.


Blackridge Rock

This is one of Cedar City’s most popular spots for rock climbing, and it doesn’t disappoint with its many large rocks that can be climbed on throughout the year. With multiple climbs to choose from, each varying in their levels of difficulty, this gives climbers a great opportunity to push themselves further since they can always come back for another try! Be sure to look out onto the landscape as you climb, too – there are some amazing views here that will take your breath away!

The Fins

If you want an even greater challenge than the ones offered at Blackridge Rock, then head over to The Fins instead! This area is known to be on the more difficult side, but if you’re into that then bring on the challenge! There are many different rocks and formations here for climbers to explore. This one can be a little tricky to find without a GPS since it’s a bit hidden from plain sight, so make sure you have some guidance unless going out of your way for this one is something you don’t mind.

The Slabs

These slanted rocks are located at Merlin Olsen Park in Cedar City, UT. They offer an easier climb than most other locations around this area, which makes them great for beginners who aren’t quite ready to tackle the bigger rocks yet. Some of these rocks can be pretty high off the ground, which makes them a terrifying challenge for climbers. But, if you don’t mind a few butterflies in your stomach while you climb, then this is a great spot to start at!


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