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Jan 19

How to Effectively Eliminate Termites Using Bait Stations

The United States is suffering from termites each year. It is estimated that they cause around $5 billion in property damage annually and can cost up to $5 billion in repair costs. Termites are not restricted to moist, wooded areas. They can be found in every state but Alaska. One colony can have up to one million termites, which can collectively consume 100 pounds of wood each year. Your home is at risk of serious damage.

Termite infestations can often go untreated until severe damage is done. They can cause serious damage to your home because they continue to eat wood 24 hours a day. Tampa Pest Busters will help you identify termites in your home and prevent them from causing damage that could be catastrophic.

Termite traps are often used to control termite infestations. They can be set up in subterranean nests to lure them out and spread their poison to the colony. Are they really an effective solution?

What is the Work of Termite Traps?

Termite traps are bait stations that are placed in or on the ground near your home. They don't trap termites, despite their common name. They contain bait, usually made of wood, paper, or cellulose, and a poisonous substance. The bait is likely to be found and eaten by termites when they crawl near their colony. The majority of baits are slow-acting, so termites can return to their colony to share the bait with other termites.

Termite traps and bait stations have some advantages over other termite treatments. These bait stations can be used where other treatments are not possible, including near foundations or on concrete slabs. While bait stations can be purchased by anyone, it is recommended that Tampa Pest Busters inspect and install them in your home if necessary. This will allow you to get a comprehensive plan to eliminate termites from your home before they do any damage.

Are Termite Traps Effective?

Termite traps are a quick, easy, and effective way to get rid of termite infestations. The bait's slow-acting poison will kill all termites in a colony. This includes workers, soldiers, and reproducers. The colony's food supply will be cut off if the worker population is reduced or eliminated.

Termite traps are an effective treatment. However, there are a few things you should consider. First, ensure they are located in a safe area. The bait stations should be placed between 10-20 feet and your home's foundation. The termite control Florida will be most effective if they are placed where there is evidence or suspicion of termite activity, such as in woodpiles and tree stumps.

If you want to eliminate termites, make sure the traps are placed in an area where they can be found. Weather and the time of year will affect how long termites take to locate the traps. Spring through fall is the best time to place termite traps. Other treatments may be more effective in some cases.

Beyond termite traps: Professional help

If you suspect that there is a termite problem, it is best to call Tampa Pest Busters. Professionals can quickly exterminate termites from your home by inspecting the property thoroughly and providing advice on the best treatments based on the termites' location, weather conditions, and season. Professional assistance increases the likelihood that termites will find your bait quickly and that termite traps are correctly placed.


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