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Dec 12

Spider Control Spring Hill

Spiders are creepy because of their many eyes. It can be a bit disconcerting to suddenly see 8 eyes staring back at you when you turn toward a dark corner. Why do spiders have eight eyes? Why can't they have two eyes like us? Why do they have all eight eyes? New research has shown that all eight eyes are necessary for spiders to sense danger and prey. Each eye plays a vital role in keeping the spider safe.
After it was revealed that jumping spiders can see in color and ultraviolet light, scientists began to study them. Jumping spiders hunt their prey actively, rather than waiting for it to come to them. This makes them a better choice for studying their eyes, as they likely play an important part in their day, more than the spiders that hunt with their webs. The study revealed that both the principle and central pair of eyes are capable of recognizing details and picking them out in the environment. They found that a spider's ability to see the sides of things is critical for detecting if something is in their immediate line of sight.
Researchers believe that jumping spiders use the secondary eyes to detect movement. The researchers were most interested in the pair of anterior lateral eyes that are located next to the central pair of eyes. This pair seems to be able also to discern detail. The researchers were able see what these eyes look like by simply putting a little paint on them.
Scientists placed spiders in an enclosure with or without paint and then played a video of a black dots on an iPod touch. The dot would expand or contract rapidly, mimicking an animal running towards the spider. The presence of the spiders was easily detected by those who weren't blindfolded. The spiders wearing the blindfolds were unable to detect movement and did not react. These eyes, which act in a similar way to our eyes, detect danger. They can see a ball flying towards them at a baseball game, and duck, even though it is out of our immediate field of vision. This is known as a "looming reaction," and it is how spiders and humans sense danger and duck for cover.
Our two eyes can see all that together but spiders require a few additional pairs to help them see in different directions and spot danger.
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