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Ant Control in Wesley Chapel Florida

Dec 11

Do DIY Ant Treatments Work?

Because they are so tiny, ants are one of most common pests found in homes. Most ants are harmless, except for the possibility of contaminating food. However, it is not something that anyone wants to see in their home. These are common ways to get rid of ant infestations.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a fine, granular substance that can be used to control insect infestations. Diatomaceous earth sticks to ants and causes tiny injuries when they crawl on it, especially the "food-grade" type. The solution causes ants to become injured and makes it difficult to eat and hydrate, eventually leading to their death. Although diatomaceous earth is effective in repelling ants, its effectiveness is limited to the area it is used. Diatomaceous earth will not eliminate an entire ant colony because it only affects the ants it comes into contact with. However, it will help to get rid of some stray ants.


Borax and Boric Acid

When used to kill ants, borax and boric acids work in a similar way to diatomaceous Earth. Products with borax and boric acid are most commonly used to clean ants. They inhibit their ability to function physically in the same way as diatomaceous Earth. Ingestion of any one of these substances can cause damage to the ant's internal organs, causing them to become ill and eventually causing their death. Boric acid can also be used in many ant baits.

Ant Baits

There are many types of ant baits and traps. Some traps have sticky, sugary, carb or protein-based gels which attract ants to them and keep them there until they die. These traps are the most popular because they are inexpensive, simple to use, and can be used anywhere including on countertops, tables, mantels, and windowsills. They are usually placed near an infestation site, but they should be placed a bit further away so that ants don't have to search for food.
There are many other types of baits, including various forms of diatomaceous Earth or boric acid contained in a powder-based product. These products are meant to trap and kill as many ants possible. These traps can also be used as bait stations for the ants to use, waiting to be killed.
Different baits are better for different species of insects. The product you choose will tell you which ones work best. It is important to remember that these baits are not effective against all ants. They only work on ants that are actively searching for food or protecting the nest. It will not eliminate all ants from your home if you have a large infestation.

Ant Sprays

You can find many pesticide sprays at your local home improvement store to kill ants. To get rid of ants trails, some people use white vinegar or a combination of essential oils in spray bottles. These sprays can kill ants instantly. These substances may also be used to spray entry points to stop ants trying to use the same route again.
How you use ant spray will determine its effectiveness. Spraying ants with ant spray will only make them stop using that route to find food. Because ants communicate using pheromones, they will often find a way to find food elsewhere. You can discourage ants from invading your home or destroy their nests by spraying ant spray outside. It's best to leave such treatments to professionals.
Specialized ant sprays are used by pest control companies to kill nests and deter ants from entering homes. These sprays can only be used by professionals and are not available to the general public. Pest control technicians are able to reach the root cause of an infestation and eliminate it completely. Call the pros if you suspect that your home is being infested by carpenter ants.

Professional Ant Control

Although ants aren't the most difficult pest to eliminate, they can be annoying and persistent. You may be able remove them yourself if they are small. If your infestation is not severe, you may be able to get rid of them with a simple DIY treatment. However, it might be worth calling a pest control company to invest in a professional solution. Wesley Chapel Pest Control Pros has 20+ years experience in dealing with ant and other pest issues. For a free inspection, contact us today!