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Nov 24

Four Common Pest Control Methods


Pests are everywhere. There are many ways to eliminate pests from your garden and home. These are the most common methods to Exterminator Olympia in your home. The one that best suits your needs is up to you.


1. Registered Pesticide


A registered pesticide is a pesticide that can be legally used in the United States. This includes both professional pesticides that should only be used by certified pest control technicians.


Before a pesticide can be approved, it must be registered. This includes reviewing the ingredients, location, frequency, and disposal.


This evaluation evaluates the dangers to humans and animals from pesticides. Before a pesticide can be approved or denied, it must first be assessed for potential health effects.

2. Insect Growth Regulators


Insects go through many stages as they grow into adults. Larvae are born from eggs and hatch from them. The larva forms a cocoon around itself and becomes an adult.

A growth regulator is a device that slows down the maturation process from egg to adult. While most growth regulators do not work against adults, they can be used to control eggs, larvae, and pupa. This pesticide is commonly used to kill eggs.


Lapterios can not form when they are exposed to insect growth regulators. Exposure to regulators can cause a pupa not to hatch. It cannot reproduce.


3. Repellents


These chemicals will keep pests out of your home. These chemicals can be applied to your skin to prevent mosquito bites and keep your home free from pests. It may not be the best option for every case.


Many factors affect the effectiveness of repellents. The FDA has approved and registered repellents. FDA-approved products have a higher chance of working and are safer for the public.


Attractants can be used in combination with or as a replacement for repellants. Attractants are chemicals or odors that attract insects and pests. This can be used to lure pests to a particular area of your yard that is less hazardous to your home.


4. Pheromones


Natural chemicals are pheromones. These are natural chemicals that insects use for communication. If there is enough food, insects can release pheromones. This allows other insects to know they are there. If they sense danger, they can use pheromones as well to alert other insects.


You may be able to fool pests using pheromones. They may think you are a danger to your home but there is food far away. The best way to use them is with pheromone traps. They are effective in attracting pests to certain areas.


Before you buy traps, however, it is important that you understand the pests most prevalent in your area. Pheromones are not for all. You will need different traps and pheromones for each type of insect.


Pest control is an option that will prevent pests from invading your home or yard. Pest control options are numerous. It might be worth asking professionals for help in choosing the best one for you.


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