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Bed Bug Treatment Near Me | Pest Control of Spring Hill

Nov 10

Bed Bugs in Spring Hill, Florida

Do you worry that your Spring Hill home might be infested by bed bugs? Are you afraid of bed bugs invading your home? Do you cringe at the thought of bed bugs invading your home?
This will help you get help quickly before it gets worse. You will soon have an infestation if you ignore or wait too long.
Below is a detailed guide to the signs and treatment of bed bugs.
Check for Tiny Blood Stains on Your Mattress
We do mean your mattress will have blood stains, but we do not intend to make it look like the crime scenes on CSI. These blood stains look so small and subtle that they aren't even noticeable to the untrained eye.
It might surprise you to learn that bed bugs are be blood-sucking insects. They are also messy eaters so you might find traces of their blood on your sheets and mattress. 
It is not red. Because it is blood that the bedbug has eaten and -yes, you are correct--defecated onto fabrics, mattresses, couches, etc., it will appear brown or black.
Here's a way to find out if you suspect you might have bed bugs in the house. Simply go up to the mattress and remove the sheets from the foot. Take a look at the top of your mattress and lift it up to inspect the underside.
You should immediately seek out the help you need to prevent bed bugs from returning. For both preventative and proactive services, hire a professional bedbug treatment service.
Strange Smells
Although this explanation may sound a bit disgusting, we are here to tell you! You may find bloodstains from bed bugs on your mattress due to them being crushed and killed while you sleep.
Bed bugs aren't as likely to infest other people than ants, so they don't tend to travel in large colonies like ants. They are happy to alert their fellow bed bugs to threats to their well-being.
Strange odors in your home or commercial office might indicate an infestation. 
You might notice a strong but sweet smell in one of the scents you pick up. This is known as an alarm hormone. This is a defense mechanism all bed bugs use. The scent alerts other bed bugs about the dangers in your home, as the name suggests.
The thing is that bed bugs have many alarm pheromones. These odors are intended to alert their pest companions but humans can also pick up the scent. Contact Pest Control of Spring Hill immediately if you smell a sweet, unidentified odor.
You have unexplained bite marks
Surprisingly many homeowners will ignore any bug bites on their skin. They'll often blame the mosquito or spider that got on their skin that night for the bite they get in the morning.
The bite marks could indicate bed bugs. They are very similar to mosquito bites, and can have many of the same symptoms. They are not painful at first but can become itchy and swell when they come in contact.
How can you tell if it is a mosquito bite or a bed bug bite? Pay attention to the exact location. It's possible that you have a bed bug bite if the bites are on exposed skin such as your neck, arms and ankles.
Discomfort Among Your Entire Family
Bed bug infestations can be detected when multiple members of the family experience the same symptoms at night.
Itchy and painful bug bites can be a sign that something is more serious.
Bed bugs can quickly multiply in your home once they have entered it. To prevent this from becoming worse, contact Pest Control of Spring Hill as soon as possible.
Eggs and exoskeletons
Bed bugs can be identified by blood stains, but you may also find large traces of eggs and old exoskeletons.
The skins of bed bugs are yellowish-colored and can be found on fabrics or furnishings. The eggs are milky in appearance.
Good news is that blood, eggs and exoskeletons can often be found in the same place. Contact Pest Control of Spring Hill for immediately if you find a combination of all three.
Do not ignore the signs of bed bugs!