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Raleigh North Carolina Company Wins Animal Removal Excellence Award

Nov 2

Triangle Wildife Removal Named #1 Raleigh, NC Wildlife Control Company

Owned and operated by Tad Bassett, who holds a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from North Carolina State University.

Triangle Wildlife Removal is an independent Raleigh NC wildlife removal company that works with homeowners, businesses and commercial properties to ensure they’re safe, clean and free of unwanted pests and animals.

Triangle Wildlife Removal utilizes the most advanced techniques and are available to handle residential and commercial nuisance wildlife problems safely, effectively and humanely.

Part of the criteria was being a highly rated company, Triangle Wildlife Removal currently holds an outstanding rating of 4.7 stars out of 134 Google Reviews!

Triangle Wildlife Removal 1913 Lost Cove Ln Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 661-0722

The best choice is Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc. Why?

  • Because we have eight technicians that are skilled in safely removing wildlife and performing traditional pest control services.
  • We respond immediately to your call. We have the knowledge and resources to tackle the toughest of jobs.
  • We carry full General Liability, Workers Compensation and Auto Liability, because removal can be a tricky business.
  • We are licensed for wildlife removal by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the Department of Agriculture for pest control services.
  • Lastly, we are humane in the removal, whenever possible. - Source Triangle Wildlife Removal


Raccoon Removal

Raccoon trapping can be highly expensive and unaffordable if the animals are not removed properly.

Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc can safely and effectively remove the animals, close any openings, remove droppings and insulation, and eliminate any flea or roundworm problems.

By ensuring that raccoons are securely trapped and removed from your home or business, the specialists are highly competent in humane trapping procedures and assuring efficient animal exclusion in your home, damage repairs, and preventing repeat infestations for home and business owners.

To handle your raccoon problem anywhere in the Triangle area of Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, NC, or adjacent cities, call us now at 919-926-0795.

Squirrel Removal

The gray squirrel is perhaps the most common wild animal in Raleigh and the surrounding wildlife.

Out of all the animals that wildlife control businesses deal with, they are the most tenacious and adaptable.

In North Carolina and adjacent locations such as Chapel Hill and Durham, they usually have two litters a year in early spring and late summer.

According to wild animal management, they can have anywhere from one to eight young.

The average number is four. In four to six weeks, the baby squirrels will open their eyes, and by eight weeks, they will be mobile.

Nothing is more valuable than a baby species, which is why we utilize humane wildlife relocation methods to remove them from their homes, with traps properly trapping and removing the animals.

Acorns, grasses, leaves, and hard mast are among their favorite foods.

The nuisance wild animal is a frequent visitor of bird feeders and is a favorite of one's views, to one's happiness or dismay.

Animal Removal

In North America, opossums are the sole marsupial (pouched mammal).

Possums are a common nickname for them. They have opposable thumbs and a prehensile tail.

More Raleigh creatures are often born early in the year by these animals.

Before emerging, baby opossums emerge several months in the pouch.

A litter of Raleigh wildlife can contain up to 20 animals, but only half of them survive long enough to cause harm.

The baby possums will ride on the back of the mother once they emerge from the pouch.

Wildlife Control

If the babies fall off while she is out foraging for food, they are left alone in the wilds of North Carolina.

This is why it is common to observe baby opossums without their mothers.

Opossums are omnivores who eat a wide range of foods, which makes them a nuisance wildlife.

Burrows, under decks, crawlspaces, outbuildings, and attics are all places where they can be found.

Crawl spaces and lower levels of structures are the most common places to find them.

Snake Removal

When it comes to snake removal, it's quite difficult for folks who aren't trained in professional wildlife management and identification skills for Triangle Wildlife Removal to determine the difference between venomous and nonvenomous Raleigh animals.

When you see a snake slithering across the yard, crawl spaces, or curling up beneath the porch steps, the safest option for appropriate snake trapping is to call the skilled professionals at Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. to aid with snake removal and control.

Snake removal should only be done by snake control professionals who can identify the type of snake and determine whether or not it is venomous.

Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc. professionals use humane wildlife relocation methods, such as live traps, to relocate animals to a more suitable habitat wherever possible.

After the animal has been removed, our animal control professionals will work with you on snake exclusion and wildlife management, which entails changing your surroundings to keep wild animals away.

Rodent Control

Most homeowners and business owners aren't concerned with rodent control, but when signs of a commercial pest infestation appear, it's critical to act quickly and implement a suitable control plan.

Aside from the Raleigh pest's potential for disease transmission, it's critical that we have good pest identification abilities when we witness the damage.

Mice and rats are among the urban wildlife of the Raleigh wildlife that are known to cause damage in and around buildings, which may result in incredibly expensive damage repairs, and we must be able to detect them and utilize the right wildlife control procedures in order to trap and remove them.

House and deer mice, in particular, can cause serious problems for homeowners because they can enter through crevices as small as a quarter-inch wide.

If you need mice and rats removed or an effective wildlife trapping plan in Raleigh, don't hesitate to contact Triangle Wildlife Removal, a commercial pest control company that serves Raleigh and its residents.

Your home offers a number of attractive qualities to Triangle Wildlife Removal, including warmth, shelter and ample food sources.

Unfortunately, it may be neither safe nor desirable to welcome a wild animal onto your property.

At Triangle Wildlife Removal, we realize that you may not even be aware that an animal has taken up residence until it has either caused nuisance or died.

The dead animals’ stench makes you call for dead animal elimination and odor dispersal. We offer humane animal relocation and exclusion services to deter and prevent further issues.

Once the nuisance animals have been successfully trapped and removed by your critter expert, they will seal up all former entry points, and take extensive means to ensure you do not have to call animal control to take care of the same animal a second time.

For example, if you find out you have squirrels in attics that are having baby squirrels, the animal technician comes to start removing squirrels from your home, sets squirrel traps and successfully traps and removes the squirrels, and covers the damage repair.

You will not experience issues with the critter again.

If you end up having a future problem with a different wildlife, such as needing to get rid of skunks, or needing rat services, the technicians will gladly come back with a different approach to removing squirrels and removing skunks.

Bat Removal & Exclusion

Triangle Wildlife Removal is the place if you're looking for a bat removal company in Raleigh, NC.

The order Chiroptera includes winged mammals such as bats. Despite the need for bat control, they are highly beneficial animals.

The accumulation of excrement or guano from infestations is frequently the cause of this. During their maternity season, these attic organisms cannot be relocated. If you want to control them, you should use humane critter control.

It is unlawful to engage bat extermination services, which are often provided by pest control businesses, so using a trap is never recommended.

Triangle Wildlife Removal technicians are qualified wildlife specialists that have the knowledge and resources to keep bats off your property.

Bat Droppings Cleanup

Guano is the name given to bat droppings, which differ from mouse droppings in that they have a glossy, speckled look and tend to cluster together as they pile up.

These droppings will proceed to produce fungus and spores over time if left alone, which can cause histoplasmosis in extreme cases.

The dust created by these droppings has the potential to irritate people.

A bat's urine, like their droppings, can damage wood by creating an increase in decay if left unattended for a long time.

Bats produce waste 20-30 times a day, which has an unpleasant odor that might attract other pests.

The removal and cleaning of bat waste is a specialty of our Triangle Wildlife Removal professionals, who are well-equipped and skilled.