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What Is the Price of Pest Control?

Nov 1

Maybe you think you have termites, or maybe you've spotted one too many cockroaches or spiders. In these instances, hiring a professional pest control service to get rid of the unwelcome visitors is a good idea. We'll go over some national average pest control expenses to assist you choose a firm that matches your budget and make recommendations for the top pest control companies in your area.

It's one thing to stomp a few ants, but it's quite another to clear your home of an infestation. It's time to call a professional pest control firm if you see more than a few insects around your house. These businesses have the technology, tools, and know-how to handle major insect infestations.

We'll offer some average treatment charges and compare pricing based on the sort of pest you're dealing with to help you understand how much pest control costs. Finally, we'll give our picks for the finest pest control companies in the country.


Pest Control Costs On Average

The typical cost of a one-time pest treatment appointment, according to HomeAdvisor, is between $300 and $550. Because the technician will need to examine, diagnose, and remedy the problem all at once, this fee is usually more than frequent visits.

Unfortunately, not all pest control can be done in just one visit. It's possible that you'll need many treatments to get rid of the problem in your house. If a professional thinks that your insect problem will require numerous treatments, the initial visit will typically cost between $150 and $300. A professional will diagnose the problem, locate the nest or site of the most severe infestation, design a pest control strategy, and do the initial spraying or trap-laying during the initial visit.

Periodic visits to maintain the plan typically cost $40 to $70 and can be scheduled monthly, bi-weekly, or quarterly, depending on your pest control requirements. Expect to spend between $100 and $300 each treatment if you pick a quarterly plan. Annual pest control treatments or yearly inspections for mild infestations often cost $300 to $500, which is comparable to a single-visit treatment.

The cost of pest management varies depending on the sort of insect you're dealing with. If you don't know what kind of infestation you have, below are some exterminator charges for typical pests:

$120–$160 for cockroaches
$60–$125 for ants
$300–$5,000 for bed bugs
$100–$600 Bees: $95–$200 for carpett beetles
$145–$350 for dust mites
$140 and $350 for fleas 
$150 to $200 for mice
$150 to $300 for moths
$100 and $500 for mosquitoes 
$120–$215 for scorpions
$100–$300 for silverfish
$145-$200 for spiders 
$145 for a termite inspection
$200-$500 for ticks
$100-$1,300 for wasps
$1,500–$5,000 for wood-boring insects
Termite treatment costs $1,000–$3,000 or more

Finally, owing to the equipment and people required to complete the service, full-house fumigation is one of the most expensive pest control procedures. Costs for fumigation range from $2,000 to $8,000, or $1 to $4 per square foot of your property.


Factors That Influence Pest Control Costs

The large range of average pest control expenses shown above is attributable to several variables, including:

  • Chemical sprays, bait traps, fumigation, and other services may be required, depending on your pest problem. Each treatment has a distinct price tag.
  • Service frequency: The more visits you have, the less each one will cost you.
  • Location: A technician will likely charge a bit extra to cover travel costs if your property is in a distant or difficult-to-access region.
  • Pest type: Some pests are simpler to cure than others, resulting in a range of cost options.
  • Treatment type: Environmentally friendly therapies are more expensive than chemical treatments.
  • Size of infestation: Infestations that are larger and more deeply established will cost more than minor infestations.
  • Larger properties will cost more to treat because many pest control and prevention tactics include around the perimeter of the home.


Pest Control Companies With The Lowest Prices

Because of their nationwide reach, broad services, and reasonable treatment choices, we recommend the following pest control businesses. All of these companies provide free estimates, so before making a final selection, get a quote from each one.