15 Garage Organization Ideas


Do you need to have your garage organized?

Your garage might be a useful space… or a complete disaster. How you organize (or don’t organize) your space is entirely up to you. Do you have a garage storage system? Nothing is more annoying than a cluttered environment. Which, let’s face it, is how the majority of our garages appear. It does not have to be this this. And, since you enjoyed our first garage envy post, we figured you’d be looking for more garage organization ideas. We’ve found 15 additional tips, hacks, and ingenious ideas to help you transform your garage from a disaster to a miracle.

Garage Organization Hacks & Tips

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re wondering “how to start cleaning up your garage.” Massive clutter can be overpowering at times. We continue to put off dealing with the situation because we don’t know where to begin. We’ll show you how to arrange your garage with tips and techniques for making the most of your overhead space, as well as brilliant garage storage ideas and inventive tool storage solutions, so your garage stays clean for the long run. These fifteen garage organization hacks and suggestions will completely transform your space.

1. Small tool storage in the garage

I’m not sure about you, but I constantly misplace drill bits, screws, and other small equipment. It’s difficult to distinguish one drill bit from the next. Also, don’t allow me to have numerous sets or brands. It’s a never-ending mess, and instead of being used, tools get tangled up in a ball of metal with other haphazardly organized items or simply disappear.

Nonetheless, I’ve come up with a simple solution for organizing equipment in the garage. The days of mixing and matching tools and their owners are long gone. You can simply keep track of all of the parts, even the small ones, using magnet strips. Magnetic strips can be used to keep drill bits, screwdrivers, and other small equipment organized. What a brilliant idea!

2. Make your own storage containers

It is not always necessary to spend more money to become more organized. This hack is for you if you’re tired of breaking the bank to free up a little space here and there. At no additional cost, this garage organization solution maintains your garage orderly. Use the tops of laundry detergent containers to keep your nails, screws, bolts, and other hardware organized. It’s easy to use and smells fantastic!

3. Make use of hooks to make the most of your floor space

The best garage organizing 101 suggestion is to make the most of your floor space. You’re doing just that by utilizing the wall and ceiling space. Consider obtaining some heavy-duty clips to hang from your garage door hardware if you’re short on floor and wall space. You’ve just freed up space for a lot of heavy-duty objects while still making room for other essentials. Nothing feels better than decluttering an area, and this simple hack achieves just that.

Heavy-Duty Bicycle Hangers

  • Pool life rings for scooters
  • Boats that are small
  • Ladders\Shovels\Rakes

Stack the bikes in a neat and ordered manner. There will be no more piles of children’s belongings! Make a DIY Bike Rack to help organize your garage.

4. Garage storage solutions

With shipping pallets, you may organize for free. Can you tell I enjoy the word “FREE”? Many local businesses are delighted to receive free disposal of their old, damaged pallets. Simply put, all you have to do is ask! This DIY solution can organize even the most disorganized garages with a little elbow work and creativity.

Here are various stores where you can get free pallets:

  • Stores that sell furniture
  • Bars
  • Stores that sell alcoholic beverages
  • Construction Sites for Nurseries

5. Design ideas for garage storage

In the garage, pegboards are a must. They make laying out your garage organizing layout ideas a breeze. The nicest aspect is that you can plan it out and put it into action all in one place. Use them to hang tools, toys, and other items that would otherwise clutter your floors. (Here are some more pegboard storage ideas!) It’s ideal for easy access and visually appealing presentations.

Color-coordinating your tools adds a pleasant visual layer to a tidy, organized garage, especially if you’re prone to going a bit overboard like I am.

6. Containers for garage storage

Container storage can be challenging, but not if you know what you’re doing. Before you decide on a bin size, think about how much stuff you have and how you’ll categorize it. Go for it after you’re comfortable with the size. Bins are a must-have if you want to stay organized. They are essential to the survival of your garage.

The actual lesson here is to ALWAYS go for the labeled bins. Simple plastic boxes with items clearly labeled can save your sanity. It’s so basic, but it’s so neat!

7. Garage storage racks

Let’s get this party started! This is how you can arrange a cluttered garage on a tight budget. Make it yourself! A wooden plaque with a few drill holes and nails. And there you have it: the ideal garage storage rack. This is a great method to keep your power equipment organized. If you don’t want to make one, any existing coat rack will suffice. Alternatively, you may get a ready-made rack from your local big box retailer and have it installed in no time.

8. Storage ideas for the garage

This is fantastic! My garage has evolved into a multifunctional area. My garage serves as a garden tool dump, a kids electric vehicle parking garage/toy overflow shed, a basic home storage unit, and anything else we can’t fit inside the house. It can be difficult to zone all of the system’s various functionalities. This pvc pipe storage idea will blow your mind if your garage also houses your gardening tools, as mine does. How clever is that? It appears to be really well done!

9. Lockers for storage

Your power tools can be safely stored in school-style lockers. I can’t seem to shake the feeling of nostalgia! Regardless of how long it has been since you used a locker, you must admit that this garage organization idea brings back memories. School-style lockers keep items in place and out of sight, and they’re not simply for books or as a hot spot for talk in between classes. If you have small children who go in and out of the garage, this will come in handy! Lockers keep dangerous items safe while also serving as a creative garage organizer.

10. Jars

We may arrange in so many different ways. One of the most practical organization systems is jars. Screws can be stored in old jars at the bottoms of shelves. You now have a foolproof storage system for your screws and nails. These transparent jars allow you to see exactly what’s inside.

11. Idea for garage wall storage

Make a shelf to keep your screwdrivers on. You can turn a modest room into an orderly beauty in minutes if you do it yourself. It saves a lot of room and rapidly organizes your garage. It’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for than it is to sift through a toolbox!

12. Make use of the available wall space

There’s a lot of empty space on our garage walls. Clean up some of the clutter on the floor by tacking them on the wall. If you have foldable chairs and a folding table for entertaining, instead of stacking them on the floor, hang them on the wall. Clean floors in a flash!

13. Storage hacking genius

My shoes are organized in shoe organizers, but how about yours? Well, thanks to this brilliant can storage trick, loose cans will go from a jumble to a charming display. Do you need to clean up your garage and organize your cans? Fill a shoe organizer with spray paint, WD-40, and other small cans and products. Shoe organizers are normally about $15 each and are really useful around the house.

14. Bins for storing items

Location, location, location! Location, location, location! Make things as simple as possible for yourself. Place recycling bins near the door so that trash does not accumulate inside your home and you have easy access to them. When there are simply a few steps to take, you’re more likely to put it where it belongs straight away. A clean home and a clean, organized garage are the result of proper positioning.

15. Boards

This is a fantastic storage solution for scooters and skateboards. Another DIY garage organization project has come to the rescue. A long, wide board and some hooks or knobs are all you need to construct one. For many of your garage storage needs, this is a fashionable space saver.

16. Tape should be kept in the garage.

In addition to all of the other suggestions, you can use the garage wall or even the area under the cabinets with a hangar for additional storage. Do you have a large tape collection? Place it on a suit hanger with a pants bar that locks.